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My Story

Hi, my name is Mina Saleeb. I am a Software Engineer based in Orlando, Florida.

After getting a degree in my first passion, Criminology, I found myself seeking to learn a new trait. In 2017, it came across to me how technically-oriented I became and my fascination with technology led me to learn the principles of computer science through the pursuit of a new degree in Information Systems Technology. It was then that I first saw the potential in being able to create applications and the excitement of bringing that openly to the world.

My fascination with developing websites, especially my eagerness to develop semantically correct HTML and CSS, prompted me to learn more about how the world wide web is served. I initially learned higher level languages and object-oriented programming with Java and C, but I dove into Dev-Ops because of my desire to deploy applications with complete control over the architecture. Then I moved into functional programming with JavaScript, creating apps with React. It intrigued me to learn about Node.js and the engines that interpret the code on the web. Now, I pursue learning Rust-lang to engineer solutions compiled to WebAssembly and targeting multiple platforms.

I enjoy creating elegant, structured content on the web. It is of my great interest to learn about improving experiences on the web, so reading and implementing best practices is a continual learning cycle. My favorite framework is Next.js based on React, which I primarily use with TypeScript. I currently deploy my personal applications on a Linode server using an Ubuntu OS. However, in the past I primarily used AWS and Google Cloud Compute services for large-scale application deployment.